I have you


                       you have me......


I have you


                       you have me......

What we looked like after our rescue and before adoption


Love Meow Story

Article about individuals who saved Phoenix and Ash

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CBS Sacramento News

Kittens Who Survived Camp Fire Adopted Out

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Fox 40 News

After Surviving Camp Fire, Feline Brothers are Adopted by Grass Valley Family

See the Family

Video of Phoenix and Ash playing in their new home

Watch us at play...

The BOY WONDERS Phoenix and Ash

There just isn't enough time in the day for play... Meow meow!

Phoenix showing off his preening technique

Hi Phoenix here.... Mommy and Daddy just fed me and now I'm going to show off my talent and take a bath on my video channel. 

  • Viewer discretion advised.

Phoenix's Blog


Sign up to hear from us about Phoenix and Ash and their adventures. New pictures will be posted regularly as well as a description of their growth and transition to a new wonderful life.

Paradise Cat Rescue

So many people are there to help in this crises...


Hilarious Cat Videos that will make you laugh so hard you will cry!  My favorites - Ash...


This is my new buddy Gracie Bella who lives with Greg and Robin and is teaching us the "ropes" around our new house!  Notice how well my whiskers are recovering!  Phoenix

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